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Thank you for visiting Distant Thunder USA. We are a small gun shop located in the City of Broussard, specializing in Concealed Carry and Home Protection solutions. We sell a variety of compact firearms, holsters, ammunition and firearm accessories. We also provide law enforcement and military personnel with cutting edge equipment to make their jobs safer. We are the only gun store in Broussard that offers training and gunsmith services to our customers. . We hope you find what you’re looking for and are satisfied with the value and the quality of the products. Come in and visit us or contact us and our helpful staff will assist you with finding the right equipment for your needs.

Who is Distant Thunder USA ?

Mark Greneaux
Training & Operations

Mark Greneaux

Mark Greneaux retired in June 2012 after serving over 20 years as a US Navy SEAL. Prior to his retirement, Mark completed multiple combat deployments beginning in Bosnia Herzegovina and continued with the Global War on Terrorism in various regions around the world.